Day Care

Is your furbies getting bored? No idea where to go? Need somewhere to drain ur furbies's energy?

In Pet August, we do have a mini play ground for your furbies to interact, socialise and most importantly, freedom to run and play around !

Dog Walking

Our dog walking services give you the flexibility to get on with your day, with walks at lunchtime, mornings or afternoons, so you know your dog can be exercised, cared for and played with while you can’t be there.

We can also provide puppy visits for playtime and toilet breaks for little ones not quite ready for walkies.

Any length from 15 minutes to an hour, the service is flexible to suit your needs and your dog’s routine.  Dogs are never walked in groups as we look after your dog exclusively to provide him/her with dedicated care and one-to-one attention. However, if you would like company for your dog, this can be arranged at special request.

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