Who We Are

We named ourselves after our beloved Singapore special Miss August who was adopted in 2016.

However, due to work commitment, we often leave Miss August in daycare / boarding center while we are at work. After much consideration, We decided to start a pet shop as we want the best for Miss August and nothing is better than having own place and giving the best to every furbaby onboard too! Miss August was born in the month of august, hence the shop is named after her and her birth month.

Miss August met her little Brother *Snappy*, a Mauzer (Maltese mix Schnauzer) in 2018. Snappy was born in Oct 2016.

if you are observant enough, you will realise our shop logo are actually the cartoon version of both of them!Starting it as a side business has never been easy. It took us lots of energy and tenacity. We are glad that we have made it and had fallen in love with the job. We are determined to our very best to every furbaby! We make sure we treat every pet as its our own.

Hola! Meet the Founders

I am Shinny

Animals is my life! a owner of a local pet shop which provide grooming, boarding and transport services Proud owner of 1 Singapore specials Miss August & 1 Mauzer Snappy.

Meet the Team!



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